Christof Brownell grew up in the southwest artist community of Taos, New Mexico. He began drawing, painting and playing music at a very young age which was encouraged by his public school teachers. He continued his artistic interest through college at Rhode Island School of Design and Berklee School of Music. Please contact Christof directly to inquire about purchasing works.


All the work on this website is from the artist's private collection and may only be used with permission from Christof Brownell.

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Statement from Artist

“I have been inspired with art and music from family, friends, and especially travel. Growing up in a small town with over 60 galleries planted the seed for my appreciation of the arts. Having traveled to 38 countries and islands, I love to learn about cultures of the world, meet people from far away lands and hear their stories which feeds my fascination with this diverse planet that we all share. I am passionate about sketching on location which allows for the intense study of the landscape or subject which can not be captured with a quick snapshot. I hope you enjoy viewing the examples of my work.”- Christof Brownell